Strengthening the resolve

The season to be dysfunctional jolly is here, once again. Gaudy decorations are sparkling away tirelessly and recipes are nagging to be tried and tasted.

giphyCelebrations to usher in the new year are being planned, finalised even.

So let’s begin planning the year ahead.

In very much the same way 2017 has sped past, 2018 won’t be holding back.


It’d be a great help if you still have the tattered 2017 New Year Resolution list lying around somewhere. Or filed away in some folder instead of sticky-noted to the screen like it was on the 1st or 2nd of January 2017.

Helpful because this is how you get to review your progress. Step back from your frantic year-end meetings and marvel at your progress over the last 330 or so days since you made the necessary amendments to your habits.

Or you get to list all of the new ways you’ve failed yourself and make a mental note to try different ways next year.

Whichever the case, reminiscing triggers some of that glassy-eyed fervour that helped you make the list in the first place.

Righting the wrongs

Scanning the months of the year, you might find that some of the listed resolutions were forgotten in the frenzy of surviving 2017. Presidents were elected and comfort food was needed. Social injustice continued to rise and gym memberships declined.

These things happen. ‘S called Life.

You might also find that some of the listed items were (unintentionally or not) completed. Partially completed is a win, seeing as its only November and you have just over 3 fortnights to make that mad dash down the checklist.

This would give you ample practice for next years marathon. Maybe two days a week (in 2017) going through your now updated list of resolutions might give you the stamina you need…?

Solving the reward system

Monitor each step taken into the abyss of progress. Steep valleys, laced with the nectar of blossoming success stories reveal themselves as private evaluations become publicly observable. That job you can finally apply for, now that you’ve finished that course with the endless paperwork…those non-stretch pants, untouched since they were bought because of the traumatic political climate (and the maelstrom of doughnuts and various carbs).

These effects of you being dedicated to your resolutionary checklist become their own reward. The more of them you get, the more you’ll want.

So be careful, 2018 might find you more competitive if you start winning it over this year.


Old habits…

Its been 47 hours (?) since my last cup of coffee. As proud as i am of this achievement, my assignment depends on this double espresso..

The smell alone is stimulating enough for my mind to start electrocuting my body awake. Feeling my focus aligning with the goal that needs to be accomplished, i am empowered. This might be because the first time i smelled (real) coffee was in an airport and the thought of reaching for the clouds can now be acted out as i work towards my ideal future, whatever that is.

An hour or so later…

Assignment submitted!


Since i’ve just moved, everything is still in boxes (including all my coffee). Admittedly, that that’s one of the main reasons i haven’t had much coffee lately. Also, my budget has me on the tightest leash so constantly going out for coffee isn’t the best decision to make right now.

Starbucks easter 2017Forcing the lack-of-coffee induced laziness back, i hunted for some black magic and found…

two of these little fire-starters from Starbucks (this post is not sponsored by the brand at all…) after some sugary indulgence from the Easter basket.

The combination of the chocolate and the coffee helped me feel like the looming deadline wasn’t too bad. And it wasn’t.

Inspiration Strikes

Now, i’m wide awake at 1:10am and wondering why exactly we still celebrate Easter and does the “why” have any bearing on the how? I know for a fact that there are hundreds of people in Cape Town, filling their cups with some sweet intoxication.

*disengage thought before FOMO strikes…

Earlier today, i spent some time at the Waterfront, at a place called Haiku. WOW…

Good food, if a little bit pricey. I’ll remember to work on including my audience in the experience somehow next time, for now, i’m letting myself indulge some of my addictions in manageable ways. That sounds awful but as a mostly-functional adult in this world, i’m actually making progress. There should be a term for coffee infused courage. Since its from Mexico, would it be Mexican courage? I suppose the word courage doesn’t work quite so well there, huh. Focus? Productivity?

Drawing used to be one of my addictions. I stopped for a while. It isn’t easy looking at your work and thinking ‘not good enough’, but with magical Mexican productivity and good music…

About 30 mins later …

Photo Apr 14, 1 39 31 AM