This is my design

27 years old and doing my best to stay hydrated in a drought stricken section of the world (Cape Town)…I thirst and I hunger. For food, Truth and the possibility of beauty, hence the addictions.

I live for beauty. That elusive god that guides all processes. Hidden amongst lesser beings, beauty thrives only when it takes dives.

Subjectivity is a must.

Me as your eyes see me!
Me as your eyes would’ve seen me in my early 20’s



6 thoughts on “This is my design

  1. I saw just a blurb of yours on another bloggers page.. one that I follow. I am pleased to have found yours. We have a common love, adoration, sublime feeling towards coffee. Mine being the Sumatra from Trader Joes… mmmm… dark, robust and silky.. similar to the Men I choose to share time with 🙂 Have a great Morning!


    1. hahaha, show me this copy cat…he probably thinks the same thing about me right, lol. I’m having some now, I think I burnt it a little but it actually brings our a difference dimension in the flavor. I like your taste 🙂


  2. Always find it strange how people find blogs! Anyway you liked my post so here I am …looking at yours! ( PS how did you ???/) And anyone with passion that wants to find out how the world works…well, that’s interesting to me too.
    Happen to know Mandy Johnson and her courses too..
    Keep writing and thinking and blogging!.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I love reading little snippets of real people’s lives. It helps me put together kind of a working model of society in the long run (I hope)… Thank you for the encouragement!


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