Totes McOats

I’m a huge fan of innovation. I love the sparks of future that pop up when I do exciting new things…today, I decided to innovate my breakfast with a popular but ‘boring’ grain:


I usually cook Jungle Oats in milk for about 10 minutes, add some honey and butter for flavour and call myself a master chef because it tastes so good.

Today, craving pancakes and learning to cater for different needs (innovation always serves a purpose), I decided to try the gluten free method: Oat flour.

According to the experts out there, oats are nutritionally superior to wheat. Bursting with minerals and other body enhancing supplements, this grain does what wheat does…but better.

Freshly ground in a painstakingly wiped down coffee grinder, the flour was pleasing to toss about, so floury. The sense of accomplishment was undeniable. I literally felt like a productive member of society, grinding my own grain in my little urban farm. My excitement dwindled slightly once I started combining the ingredients. The course texture grated against most of my panic buttons. I knew this mixture would be too heavy to give me the usual fluffiness from wheat pancakes but I soldiered on. The euphoria of a healthy breakfast was in sight and I wasn’t about to let a minor visual disappointment get in the way of my future temporary bliss.

Folding the stiff egg whites into the mixture calmed me down and the butter warmed me up to the reality of oat flour pancakes again. Letting the mixture rest (this is probably when I added waaaay too much Stevia), I scooped up some of the heavenly double cream yoghurt that would balance the tart fruits with my pancakes. Hedonism on a spoon, I promise.

The pancakes

As the last pancake cooked, I wondered about making an entirely new batch, with normal wheat flour and actual sugar. I decided to push forward with my innovation, instead of giving up like I usually do.

As it happens, they were more than edible. The strawberries and other fruits introduced the new, ‘odd’ taste. Layered flavours and textures coated my breakfast experience in a way that I hadn’t expected as I made the pancakes.

This helped me understand a little more about innovation. How to incorporate new ideas into traditional methods and learn to accept unforeseen results as a consequence. In hindsight, I don’t know why I expected the pancakes to turn out the same as they usually do.

If they had, it wouldn’t have been innovation, would it?


Nutritional values (oats vs wheat)


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