Calming or starving?

Being in this society is a highly stressful activity. More and more, i find myself resorting to food to keep me stable and calm but without enough exercise, its impacting my amazing physique…

When it comes to my emotions, I’m not the best at dissecting and understanding what they mean. Why they seem to pop up at random, drawing me into a web of thoughts that unravel my plans. When I eventually disentangle myself from this trap, my mind is in shambles. The cycle begins again.


Quiche, capiche?

I’ve been craving productivity for a while. I struggle to find fulfilment doing the work that I THINK I should be doing. I expect this is because the ‘work’ that I love doing seems selfish. Today, I let myself give in to my ‘selfish’ work…allowing myself the comfort of cooking before the new week begins was worth it.

I’ve never made quiche before. It always seemed like a waste of eggs. I can’t remember the first time I had quiche either. It must have made an impression on me because today, in my panic, I decided that I would validate myself by making this mystical quiche thing.

It was surprisingly easy. Disappointingly so, in fact. Granted, the base didn’t come out as I would have liked but the filling was decent enough. Barring the lack of seasoning, it was a good effort. It is a recipe that I can perfect over time.

Will this become my new comfort food? My new comfort ‘work’?

Being productive (making the quiche) did help me refocus my thoughts. Still, comfort was needed…

Rice and spice

I’m not sure what it is about this combination that helps me find my balance once again. The build up of heat that tingles and glows from within. The countable (but who will..?) grains of rice being crushed between my teeth. It almost feels like the chewing is producing the heat. That some consistent activity is giving rise to some kind of energy.

The stability that I imagine in this state helps me realign myself when times are tumultuous. It could very well be the reminiscing of the Sunday lunches that I was fortunate enough to grow up with. The safety of knowing that some delicious plate of food was there, waiting to welcome the new week.

So to end Sunday off, I indulged in a spicy spinach and rice dish. Loaded with slow cooked tomato and an army of grain, I cherished the moments that led me to my plate.

Buenas noches!


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