I’m an adult now?

When it comes to being an adult,  I suck at it.  I have had no previous experience of it whatsoever and I’ve seen very little adult behavior in the people that called themselves adults as I was growing up and learning how to become said adult. At least, what little adult behavior was displayed was lost in the torrent of  mistakes that were made, which revealed the inner child of the person I observed. Basically, it took me a short time to learn that I should do as I’m told, not as I saw. Now, I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m finally convinced that this actually doesn’t work. I may try to make it work but you know what, the human influence on me is too powerful.  I am a creature that lives in a society that lives and breathes on it’s own and literally dictates my actions. We are people because of people and all that mambo jumbo spiritual jazz(which I totally believe in, so calm down okay)…

Now, as I approach my 26th year of watching people demonstrate the same behavior every single year and the few that manage to break the mold are the ones we’re told to be like, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, MLK…but we must do it without breaking the mold, like Einstein and other geniuses(well, I ain’t no genius so that’s not gonna happen). Basically, as an adult in this society, I have to think outside the box, provided that I stay inside the box. Well, it’s a good thing we’ve finally entered a quantum age because I think that the adults that came before me are going to get exactly what they asked for.  I want to  officially thank all the people that broke the rules to find the truth, all the women who sat in buses they shouldn’t have sat in, all the men who wore their sparkling dresses in an effort to  be themselves in a society that hated them and all the people today, who push the boundaries of freedom in an effort to create a place where we can all live in freedom.

But this “power” is useless if it isn’t directed toward a purpose, a reason for it’s existence. Rebellion is useless if it’s fruitiousness is questionable, the irony in that is subtle but enough to ignore for the purposes of this point that I’m about to  make.On becoming an adult, I’ve found myself bombarded with choices and with very little hindsight leaving me like a stunned deer in the headlights and unfortunately this deer looks like it’s about to go through a windshield…oh well, might as well embrace nihilism and move forward and enjoy the shattered glass and pretend they’re diamonds, thanks Rihanna, I’m gonna shine bright like you told me to.  -_-

Now, as I look at the system I live in, there are shouts for the political leader to stand down and this is mirrored in other countries to, since I speak of the wonderful rainbow nation that is South Africa. I’ve noticed that as most countries aka America(I don’t really see much of other countries, thanks to the efficiency of the American Broadcasting people, they really get their stuff out there and in your face) actually look at the root of the problem. Some still focus on Obama as the problem but I think people have hit the nail on the head when they think about other issues, like the prison system, the school system, institutions that deal with critical members of our society(criminals and children…yes, I think criminals should be dealt with in the same way we deal with children and mentally ill people).  In South Africa, everyone is screaming for the removal of Zuma and for some reason, they expect this to change the way South Africa works. After reading this article,  The Trevor Noah phenomenon, maybe there’s hope yet for my generation. What about the rest of the system? Why don’t we hear about the police brutality that occurs in South Africa? Do people really think that America is the only country that’s got this challenge? I saw a girl get dragged away by police officers(I’ll share the pics soon) and she may or may not have been in the wrong but I’m going to take her side because at one point, I actually did get stopped and they practically strip searched me in the middle of Long street, yes, I have witnesses, stopping traffic. I complied after a little resistance and pretended to take their names down because inside I was just too furious to think clearly. To stop me in the middle of the street and pat me down and go through my personal belongings like I was a common criminal and then laugh when I ask why. Is this freedom? Not to me.

So, in response, I ask, what do we do? How do we find out more about the South African prison system and what are we willing to do to get the truth in an ethical way that ensures that justice is maintained in this collapsing society. How do we find out information on a broken system when we’re told that we’re not allowed to do what it takes to get that information?

Do I really want to become an investigative journalist, an “ethical” one?(whatever the hell that means, which leader is ethical here?) On becoming an adult, they tell me that I have to do something I love but I must also be rich. What a load of crap.


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