My Experience

I always do this, I get so lost in my life that I forget to keep track of my experiences. This is the reason I started this blog, more for me than for anyone else. See, I know what I like and if I don’t, I’m learning and it’s such a long process that I forget, the same way people need to write down incredible recipes in order to remember them: I guess you could say that this blog will be kind of like a recipe for the perfect coffee(and other addictions) experience.

Like a recipe, there are so many different variations, so many different ways of making the same thing and not everything will appeal to everyone. Sometimes different people add to it and make it better or make it worse, whatever you’re looking for really. I hope that this blog can evolve in the same way, in that I can share my experience and in case I missed anything, people can add to it(in whatever way they wish) and we can make it better, together. I don’t care if that sounds hippie(hippie isn’t even a bad thing)

This is the format I plan on having, I might have to modify it as I work with it but I’m going to find my perfect place for my own coffee experience. I will go to places that happen to pop up as I walk and I’ll plan some visits as well. I plan on going to cafes mostly, trying out there coffee, figuring out whether I like it or not and why. This includes everything about the cafe. Again, this is why I say that each persons experience will be different so I do hope I get feedback so I don’t miss out on too much of the good stuff because I can only try to be unbiased but I’m human, if my waiter upsets me then of course I’ll hold the place responsible. I will start off with the name of the place I’m visiting and tag in under the category; My Experience. To make it easier, I’ll start off with ‘ME:’ for example, ‘ME: Starbucks’

So lets begin!!!


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