ME: Cappello

Today, I really needed to get some work done that needed a good wi-fi connection and my own was too frustrating so I decided that I might as well enjoy the experience of using someone else’s wi-fi by drinking their coffee as well. Walking down the famous Long Street, I decided to go against my previous judgement and enter Cappello(yes, it’s a double “p” wordpress). So, this place is known for its alcohol, at least, that’s the only reason I’m aware of it, the fact that it’s a cafe is often overlooked. More often than not, you’ll find rowdy crowds, listening to some kind of hip hop type of music and smoking hubbly(that pipe with the water and the flavored tobacco, I tried it once, I got very ill). The general atmosphere of the place doesn’t appeal to me for those main reasons. The patronage I’ve encountered seem to lack the ability to understand what personal space is, if I wanted to get rubbed up by strangers I’m sure there are many other places in Cape Town I could go to…I, however, don’t need that kind of stimulation. Today was quiet, which delighted me as most other restaurants were jam-packed with people on their lunch break and I really didn’t feel like being part of the crowd, working themselves into a state trying to get the flustered waiters attention, no thanks. The usual sickly sweet smoky smell was absent and this was an endorsement(for me, I’m sure there are people who crave it) so I happily sat down and ordered an espresso grande(item on the menu), only to get told that they were out of stock. Cue moment of questioning silence…”alright, how about a double espresso” I ask. The waiter then left me for a few minutes to rethink my decision to sit here while he went to find out what was available for consumption.

I eventually got the coffee that I had to struggle for(I wonder what’s in an espresso grande that isn’t in a double espresso) and it was surprisingly very good. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t want to prejudge after I had come this far in my mission. It was deep and sweet, not bitter at all but still dark. It was like caramel but without the sugar, I regret letting it cool so much, the flavors worked better while it was just below scorching. It was also very strong, the caffeine kick came pretty quickly. There were no dregs at the bottom, I had guessed as much after the first few sips anyway, there were no grounds to press between my teeth and tongue. Overall, it was worth it, I only got bumped two times but one of them actually apologized, progress.

A few side notes about the actual place, it was really nice to find it empty, I wouldn’t have looked at it twice had it been full. It has a great view of the street if you like people watching as much as I do. The tourists looking all scared, excited and slightly baffled, the surfing store across the street with lots of eye candy(If you’re into that…I’m a gentleman), the music is consistent so if you like it the first time then you’ll probably enjoy going there lot. I would avoid sitting outside because it’s on the side-walk of a busy intersection so unless you’re in a huge group, be careful with your belongings, you don’t want a grab and run situation on your hands. Also, the wi-fi really sucks.

I wanna try the rest of their coffee 🙂


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