An experience…

Today I do the unthinkable. I venture forth to a land previously unknown to me. A mystical place where everything is predictable and this does not mean boring(so they say).

Today I measure my coffee!

Ok, I’m not sure if I should be elated or fully appreciate the anti-climatic experience I just had. I just read a blog post, basically, an instruction manual and I’ve been making my coffee perfectly. I just need to check measurements like teaspoons and tablespoons now. My press makes about a liter of coffee so I’m supposed to put 60-70 grams of coffee. That’s about 15.2 teaspoons of coffee for me. The rest remains the same. I pour almost boiled water or water that’s boiled and stood for about 7 minutes. Then I stir it and leave it open for about 6 minutes and constantly get asked “Why do you like cold coffee?”

Once that’s done, I put the lid on and leave it for another 3 or minutes and then I go for the kill. Now, reading this manual, it highlighted some pretty interesting things, like how the coffee grounds release gas(yea, I know right!). Like how taking it slow and giving time to the extraction process. Slow is best(I wish the same could be said about humans).

I may have gotten the measurements wrong by adding heaped teaspoons rather than level but what’s done is done, I can’t turn back the clock and take the coffee out of the jug so it’s a little more than I usually have but I have no problem with that whatsoever. Right now, as I type this, I periodically almost drown myself sticking my nose into the jug, inhaling the smell of it. I almost feel like those Dementors from Harry Potter, sucking life from the living, then I remember that coffee isn’t human(though it sure as hell tastes better than most of the freaks I’ve been with in my life, I didn’t have coffee for a while so I was a lost soul for a very long time).  Makes me wonder if people looked the same way with their opiates back then when that was the cool, in thing. My coffee is delicious, as expected, since I didn’t vary much from my usual routine. I am truly sorry I don’t have a more specific grading rubric but if your mouth can’t tell you what’s delicious then maybe you should just stick to coffee shops and let others do the work.

oh, here’s a link to the site I used, it’s a good read;

Excuse me while I install my brain with the elixir of life.


2 thoughts on “An experience…

  1. I always wing it, I scoop some coffee into a filter and pour hot water over it and off I go, and rarely do I say,” WOW I made a great cup of coffee.” Thank you for both the follow and the tips on how to make delicious coffee.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to explore, i cant wait to get back on here more often, as you must have noticed, my mind is hosting its revolution as we speak, lol.


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