Some like it hot…

Hey! Ok so I’m back…I’ve been reconciling alternate realities in my head and I’m back to share my reality of my mouth and stomach as it pertains to coffee 🙂

To begin, I have to be honest, I never follow directions, like when I cook. Sure I follow the guidelines but I hate being tied down. I don’t think recipes and methods should be followed diligently if you know what you love then you should just make it. You know the basic laws of what to mix and what not, use them. Unless you want a specific flavour that only the recipe can help with…but you’d eventually get bored, well I would. Anyway, so today, I’m going to follow the directions that come with this new coffee I have. Usually, I don’t measure my coffee, I just spoon what looks like a decent amount of coffee into my french press and let the magic happen. Ok no wait, I’m going to go about this as scientifically as I can. Then measure the results in an unbiased fashion. So today I’ll have it as I normally do, grade it then in the next post, I’ll do the same according to directions.

Today is particularly important to me because I get to try a different brand. It’s called Peet’s, I’m making a break from Starbucks for  a bit. I don’t want to limit myself. So as in the picture you can see how much I usually put. Admittedly, I go overboard sometimes but I want to make sure I get that rich, color. That obsidian black that gores into your soul when you look at it brewing. I love it. I’m looking at it now and I feel like all the depths of the ocean can be encapsulated in that colour and it’s secrets revealed in the act of drinking it(can you tell that I love coffee?)

I pour water, not directly onto the coffee(I don’t want to burn it) but against the side of the glass and I tilt the press as it fills up. I use water that’s on the verge of boiling, I imagine a dance of particles almost reaching it’s crescendo and then stopped and all it’s energy being redirected into extracting those secrets of the void. Everything I do is in anticipation of the taste and act of drinking the coffee. I wait, with bated breath as I gently presses the knob down, but only halfway so that some of the coffee continues it’s extraction for as long as possible(this is my reasoning) and I watch the liquid change it’s colour, getting slightly lighter as I pour it but once again regaining it’s composure as it fills up my cup with it’s life. It smells like the dirt of a newly overturned garden bed. Fresh, ripe and virile. As I taste it, it scalds my tongue a little but somehow, it doesn’t matter, the sensations give a different depth to the experience and the crescendo that didn’t play out when the water didn’t boil reaches absolution in that moment. As soon as it comes, it’s gone again and I’m back in my body and I can hear the traffic outside the window. Time for another sip…and another

Now all that’s left is the aftershock(caffeine kick) and my day is complete

Oh sorry, I forgot to be scientific about it, I guess I’ll just have to be extra critical about it when I measure it. Oh well…I have about a liter of coffee that needs my attention, bye for now


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