Other Addictions…

So as my blog title indicates, I am a simple man of many addictions. I love my addictions because in a way, I don’t expect many people to understand this but most of my addictions bring me closer to God. My senses play a vital role in experiencing all of creation and I intend to make the most of it while I’m able.

So to begin, I’ll start of by telling you that I’m making French toast, I haven’t had it in forever and I’m craving it, so I’m having it. I’m pairing it with a delicious Sumatra dark roast from Starbucks that I have brewing in front of me right now. What I also love doing, is accompanying my taste filled adventure with good music. Nothing romanticizes life in the manner classical music does. I feel like my senses are not only heightened but also in tune with the artist, for instance, right now, I have Waldenteufel – The Skaters Waltz and at each crescendo I crack an egg into the bowl. The synchronicity is what I live for. These are the elements that make up part of my reality. As Plato said, “Nothing in the affairs of men is worthy of great anxiety” …I am significantly more interested in what I’m having for breakfast than making small talk for the sake of “fitting in” and not being deemed “socially awkward”

As I take my first sip of coffee while my bread cooks, the heat takes me by surprise(as it always does, lol) and the scent claims dominance over my olfactory senses, I imagine the journey of the coffee, from it’s country to the store, to my humble cup and I give thanks for each bean that contributed to this flavour. I could go on forever but I’ll not.

The smell of my toast excites me, I feel like I’m about to embark on a long and fun journey. Which I am, I’m making a tomato and onion chili/sweet basil sauce with my toast, just like my mother used to(thanks mum!!!!) As I fry my last slice, I see I have enough egg left for a little omelette as well, with this added bonus, my life is perfect. I make sure not to overcook the onions because I love the crunch they give and with the crispy outside of the toast and the soft centre that melts in your mouth like a lover succumbing more than reluctantly to your will.

As I contemplate my creation, displayed to me so enticingly, I wonder if this is how God must feel, looking at us(yes, food makes me feel that good)…giving thanks for this meal. Time to eat!!! 😀

The chili, though mild, provides a bite that excites my taste buds and pushes me for more, tomato and onion give an earthy flavour and the toast hugs them all. The coffee acts as a sort of palette cleanser with it’s own input into the overall taste. The only word I can think of to describe this is an orchestra, in my mouth. Each component amazing on it’s own but together, it is God’s way of say “hi!!!”


7 thoughts on “Other Addictions…

  1. You have a way with words that makes your description of food quite mouth watering.Your post brings food to life as though they were animate objects.Glad that you can see God even in the smallest things we take for granted.Power to your blog!


  2. Wow … can I come over for breakfast? Such eloquent prose for simple food. No not simple food, simple honest ingredients like individual notes combined into a hauntingly addictive melody. “French toast” evokes memories of cinnamon, powdered sugar, and maple syrup. I was not prepared for your version. Sounds incredible.

    And of course Sumatra, second perhaps only to Komodo Dragon … Sumatra’s older, stronger, and rarer brother.


    1. I love cooking for friends! 😀 and I love it when they appreciate food for food. The difference flavors, each with their own little story, all coming together the way they do.

      I wanna try Komodo, can’t find it here in South Africa though, one day


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