As far as I know, this is a word swathed in negativity and taboo, for good reason too. It implies a lack of control over ones self and the choices as well as functionality as a human being. However, one has to consider that this is simply the opinion of many. It needs not apply to every single case of addiction(I hope you can see that like every addict, I’m building a foundation to defend my addiction, I also hope you can see the mind numbing irony behind my words).

I first realized my slight dependence on coffee when I decided that it would be a good idea to take caffeine pills when I didn’t have time to make coffee. Now, I saw absolutely NOTHING wrong with this. This was a slight progression that did not mean anything. I started taking one every morning, then it moved on to two. As my tolerance for it grew, I got more and more worried, not only that, it limited my ability to drink coffee(you can imagine the effects). This mesh of thought eventually led me to dispose of the remaining pills and tasting coffee again renewed my belief that it isn’t the caffeine I’m addicted to, it is the taste of the coffee, the textures that fill my mouth and the sensations that explode in those few moments before it makes it’s way down my throat and the caffeine takes over.

The moment it hit me that this was an actual addiction was when I had the misfortune of pouring too much coffee in what was obviously a too small cup(I have bigger mugs now) and inevitably, it brimmed over. Noticing this, it came naturally to me to lean forward and lick the spilled liquid off the table and off the side of the cup(it was a REALLY good brew). Once I was done, I realized what had just happened and sat in silence for about ten minutes, coming to terms with everything that ensued. Now that I’ve come to terms with everything, I can enjoy it more, I have no intention of hiding my addiction to the drink or to food. Also, I can write about it, hopefully letting people know that being addicted to coffee is nothing to be ashamed of! It is a human condition to love food and beverages!


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