So here we are, second post…I surprise myself sometimes with my ability to actually get down to work. I can’t take all the credit truthfully, I’m sitting here with a massive pot(yes, a pot) of coffee and I can almost hear it cheering me on, each granule waving a pom pom and screaming my name. I can’t help but wonder if this is what it feels like to be a jock…

I’m drinking a Starbucks creation, I’ll mention it in passing at this point because I want to go into detail about it later, it deserves it’s own post(it’s that good). What strikes me the most is the ability of the coffee to take over every single taste bud and control it, tingling in some places, caressing it in others, warming it. This colonization of my mouth redirects my brain to earlier centuries and wonder at the possibilities of this coffee entering my body. How will it end? With my body fighting for freedom after being wooed into submission by this coffee? Will we live together in peace and work for the greater good of the community(my body)? I think the latter…but hey, isn’t that what the Indians thought in America when the settlers arrived? It’s a monitored debate.

For a little bit, I’m going to ponder on more than coffee, I’m going to establish the basis of enjoying coffee and refer to food in general, bear with me while I make sense of my thoughts for you.

One thing I have been  been awakened to is my ability to shut the rest of the world out, to experience each and every single flavour and combine them into one experience and sensation. I hate to think about how people have forgotten such an amazing phenomenon. Try it sometime, next time you have a meal, sit down in silence for two minutes, do nothing. Close your eyes(make sure your food is safe, living with students, I’ve learned that you can’t keep food around for too long before someone decides they want it) and forget everything you know. I mean EVERYTHING, forget about how you think the food should taste, forget about the ingredients(clears throat…), forget about what you’ve heard it’ll do to your body. You’re going to eat it so you might as well enjoy it. Forget your name, forget what time it is, forgot social norms, forget that maybe you’re on a date(if he/she is the one for you, they’ll understand). Wipe the slate clean so to speak because the saying “You are what you eat” holds true for a reason. open your eyes and take in the colours, the smells, anticipate them, don’t think about them, anticipate them. As you take your first bite, close your eyes(it helps if you have background music, I’d suggest  Mendelsson, maybe Allegro Molto Vivace, I’m listening to that now) and FEEL the food in your mouth, listen to the crunch as you bite down, feel the juices spreading in your mouth, filling you up with it’s essence because that’s exactly what it’s doing, you’re essentially extracting life from your food, breaking it down and making it a part of you. I tend to think of each bite of food as a celebration of the life cycle of every ingredient in that bite and my bodies salutation to a new beginning for that bite.  I think of the people that prepared the food, the people that grew it, nurtured it and said goodbye to it as they loaded it up for packaging. I think of the amazing ability of that one seed that grew into my spinach leaf and in the end, I think about the essence of the bite, being a part of me, all that work, just for one bite. How can you not allow yourself to experience such awe? Try it!!!!

Ok back to coffee…that’s the reason I love it, each cup has a unique story and I’m out to learn it.


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