As an introduction, I’d just like to add that this idea has been a long time coming, for many reasons, one of which include my desire to learn more about controlling my webpage and all that comes with that. That’s besides the point of my blog(technically it isn’t but I’ll fit the pieces together for you later)

This Weblog will mainly be about coffee, not just any coffee. Coffee that I like, coffee that inspires me to mold the English language into some sort of poetic expression of what’s going on in my mouth and mind when I drink it. It has to be good coffee basically. Though, I’m also going to mention the sad, lost portions of such an amazing creation. Back to my introduction and forward: This will also be about learning, I don’t assume to have any vast knowledge of the making of coffee and technical terms that people throw around. That’s what I have the internet for, that’s another addiction we’ll cover in future šŸ™‚

Am I expected to post articles that grab the readers attention? Maybe so…but I don’t believe in the whole consumerism concept, I understand it, our reality is built around it so I have to subscribe to it unfortunately, I’m hoping I can integrate more high-level ideas in the future.

I also want to make this a very interactive page, whoever chooses to read and contribute should be free to do so, I say that in a very broad manner but I hope you all get the gist of this. Finishing off, welcome to my page, my documentation of the things I, as a human, have grown to love and depend on essentially. Welcome to my life on the grid and elsewhere.


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